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We at Sanctuary of Praise Church Of God In Christ are pleased to inform you that we are still continuing to lift up a standard for the Lord here in Springfield, Missouri.

To stand as a beacon of hope for those who have lost their way. To embrace each individual as one of God's most prized possessions. To enjoy and appreciate the blessings of God in this present world while lifting up a standard of holiness in our service to Jesus Christ our Lord.

God Can and god will

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Pastor T.J. Appleby and First Lady Anitra K.. Appleby
WE ARE MEETING AT OUR NEW HOME: 2245 S. Holland Ave, Springfield, MO 10:30 AM. MORNING WORSHIP. Also live streaming


Sanctuary of Praise

Church of god in Christ 
2245 S. HOLLAND AVE, SPRINGFIELD, MO   417-833-8511